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Jog Falls Karnataka

What is today an enigmatic tourist attraction in Shimoga, in the Indian state of Karnataka, was discovered nearly 150 years ago by British explorers. Also known by the name of Gersoppa Falls, this is the second highest plunge waterfall in the country, formed by the 250 ft plunge of the River Sharavati near the Sagara taluka in Karnataka. UNESCO has allotted it a spot in the top ten ecological hotspots in the world.

Jog Falls Karnataka

History of Jog Falls

Origin of the name

The waterfall is known by a number of names, with Jogada Gundi and Gersoppa Falls being the most popular local names. The Kannada language uses the term ‘joga’ to literally mean ‘falls’, and thus the waterfall in this region has come to be known as ‘Jog Falls’.

River Sharavati and its Falls

This is one of the most gorgeous rivers in South India, whose origin is near Nonabar, located in the taluk of Thirthahalli. The river, on its way downwards, receives Haridravati on the right and Yenne Hole on the left. The westward turn in the course of river occurs at a geographical frontier, which is followed by the creation of the Jog Falls by the plunge that the river takes there, before passing through the eponymous village. Thereafter, the river flow occurs over a very rocky bed, ahead of which lies a gigantic chasm, nearly 1000 ft in depth, which divides the river flow into four waterfalls.
They are -
  • Raja Fall
  • Roarer Fall
  • Rocket Fall
  • Rani Fall

Things To Do At Jog Falls

Rock Climbing

Jog falls in Karnataka

This is one of the best places in Karnataka for rock climbing, and tourists interested in this form of adventure can have a merry time in the Jog Falls. The story of Jyothi Raj, a rock climber from Chitradurga in Karnataka, is famous in this part of the country. Jyothi is famous for having scaled the Jog Falls, along the direction opposite to the flow of water. By virtue of being involved in a number of daredevil exercises in rock climbing, Jyothi Raj is also known as the ‘Monkey King’.

Scenic Beauty

The Jog Falls are surrounded by vast stretches of hills, hillocks and forests – all of which combine to produce a mesmerizing effect on the minds of those who have had the fortune of visiting this place. Besides, this is an ideal getaway spot for city dwellers in Bangalore and Goa, which are located at a distance of 400 and 200 kilometres respectively from the waterfall.

Economic importance

Jog Falls are associated with the Linganmakki Dam, which is situated nearby, across the Sharavati River, and is responsible for providing the necessary water to the Mahatma Gandhi Hydroelectric Project, which is a major source of power for the state of Karnataka. The dam, and consequently the Jog Falls, thus attracts a lot of resources from the State and Central governments.

Best time to visit

As with any other majestic waterfall, located anywhere in the world, the best time for tourist activities is during the rainy season – which, in India, translates into the Monsoon season, which stretches from July to October on most occasions.

How to reach

By Rail
Honnavar on the Mangalore - Mumbai Konkan Railway Route and Talaguppa and Sagara are the three main railway stations from where tourists can easily reach this location.

By Road
The location is well connected by national highways and Sagara and Jog Falls are the nearest stoppages available for bus riders.

By Air
While Hubli Airport serves as the nearest domestic airport, the international tourist community is catered by Bengaluru Airport, Mangalore Airport, Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad and Goa Airport.

Where to stay near Jog Falls

Karnataka Hotels
Location - Shimoga 577 435
Contact - 08186-244 732/ 752

Sagara Taluk IB
Location - Shimga Road, Sagara 577401
Contact - 08183 - 326275

Hotel Varadashree
Location - BH Road, NH 206, Gandhi Nagar, Sagara, Shimoga 577 201
Contact - 08183-228 899/ 999

Hotel Ramakrishna Lodge
Location - Near Mallikarjuna Theatre, Durgigudi, Shimoga 577 201
Contact - 08182-227 551    

Sri Durga Amruth Lodge
Location - Near Govt Bus Stand, NT Road, Shimoga 577 201
Contact - 08182-270 273

Hotel Surya Comforts
Location - Opp. Jewel Rock Hotel, Durgigudi, Shimoga 577 201
Contact - 08182-221 817, 324 040/ 400

Kolavara Heritage
Location - Basavani Post, Thirthahalli Taluk, Shimoga 577 432
Contact - 08181-254 722, 202 210, 094486 39444    

Kalyani Nisarga
Location - Vihara Dhama, Nittur Post, Hosanagara Taluk, Shimoga 577 452
Contact - 08182-266 082, 094487 90127, 094487 90127

River Tern Lodge
Location - Behind Ranganathaswamy Temple, Shimoga 577 115
Contact - 094495 99778    

Travel agencies near Jog Falls

Pushpa Travels - 94812 53465 / 94803 22038
Vivek Travels - 08182 - 405911 / 405922
Sneha Travel Agencies - 08182 - 222507
Lakshmi Travels - 08182 – 276839
Adithya Travels - 08182 – 270666
Mamatha Travels - 08182 - 279151 / 270338

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